lördag, augusti 18, 2007

Skåne hyllas i NY Times: Gold hit the fan

Om jag jobbade på Position Skåne, Region Skånes marknadsföringsbolag - som fö ska läggas ner till årsskiftet och ersättas med en ny konstruktion - skulle jag plocka fram skumpan idag. NY Times resebilaga hyllar Skåne som ett semesterparadis intill det bisarras gräns i dag.

Om Båstad: "But take a seat at one of the communal tables at the rocking Pepe’s Bodega and the vibe is decidedly more MTV’s “Spring Break” in Cancùn."

Om min enkla hembygd: "Osterlen is a region on the southeast coast of Skane, east of Ystad, where the agrarian landscape often draws comparisons with Tuscany. Acres of blond wheat stretch right to the edges of some of the country’s finest beaches with powdery sand “as soft as potato flour,” according to one resident."

Om Näset: "Perhaps the top contenders for the “Swedish Hamptons” title, Falsterbo and neighboring Skanor, are quite simply what beaches and beach towns are supposed to be."

Och det är också i Falsterbo som resereportaget avslutas:

"The men wore tiny polo shirts that looked as if they’d been sewn on to their buff torsos. the women wore breezy backless linen dresses that might not have been sewn at all. It was like an Abercrombie & Fitch catalog brought to life and fueled by Absolut.

Tranquillity was restored on the stroll back to town around 2 a.m. as the Swedish summer night worked its magic. A full moon hung low on the horizon to the south, while up north, the flame-colored sky showed that the sun had no intention of saying goodnight."

Håll i hatten, mina rödgula kamrater, nu kommer jänkarna!

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